I Drive a Nissan LEAF on the Wind. See How I Soar.

At the end of August last year I took delivery of a new black Nissan LEAF and I’ve now crossed 9,000 miles. I LOVE my new car. Prior to commuting in the Nissan LEAF, I drove a smallish truck that got about 20 miles to the gallon. The Nissan LEAF allows me NOT to have to hyper mile anymore and I am saving over $220 a month on gas! I used to spend over $250 on gasoline and the electric is only costing $20-30 a month. I took the Nissan LEAF in for its 7,500-mile checkup recently and those run $20, which sounded pretty happy to me.

Last Saturday TH (the husband) and I got up and went to Denny’s for breakfast, where we were able to charge the Nissan LEAF while we ate. Then we ran a few errands and headed to the bowling alley. We charged the Nissan LEAF for free across the street while bowling and then headed home again. Later that night, I took the Nissan LEAF to a friend’s house one town over and got home with plenty of juice. Yesterday TH and I stopped to shop at Kohl’s for a bit and were able to enjoy free charging there as well. I’m really enjoying the new charging stations that seem to have appeared around the Austin metro area in January. TH and I are planning a road trip to San Antonio sometime soon when we have a free weekend (probably after cedar season). There is charging where we park for the Riverwalk.

I drive 27 miles each way to work every day, and a lot of that is freeway. I usually get home with 20-30 miles left to go. I plug in again each night and off I go again. I love no longer having to stop for gas on the way to work or after a long day at the office. I was pleasantly surprised by how little energy the AC uses on a hot day. The heat seems to use a little more energy than I was expecting, so if I’m planning on running an errand after work and don’t feel like charging on a super-cold day, I’ll cycle the heat on/off to save power. But since I live in Texas, I’m happy the AC is so efficient.

I’ve even figured out that I can go to my favorite local yarn shop over lunch on top of my commute and still have enough juice to get home. I never really had range anxiety because I figured, worst case scenario, I could knit on the side of the road while I waited for roadside assistance, which is available as part of the Nissan LEAFs warranty coverage, to show up. Now that I have driven my Nissan LEAF for a while, I still always have knitting, but that is no longer the reason. 🙂

I also LOVE the zero-emissions factor. Whether you believe in global warming or climate change or not, pollution just doesn’t seem like a good thing, so I’m really excited not to be adding to it…and the trees that grow on the dash while I’m driving are fun.

The touch-screen interface and all the music options that I have (USB, CD, satellite, FM) are really nice and I’m enjoying the Bluetooth®. There’s also a nifty map that shows you where charging stations are so you can see if there’s one near where you are.

2 Thoughts on “I Drive a Nissan LEAF on the Wind. See How I Soar.

  1. don paine on September 29, 2012 at 10:41 pm said:

    I’ve had my “Magic Carpet” two months and 2000 miles. and having driven 2 home conversions and a Citicar since 1970 find this ’12 Nissan SV an answer to my dreams. The only complaint is that the backup lights are worthless. Are I too critical?
    Thank you, Don

  2. Not at all. Just because you like the Nissan Leaf doesn’t mean you can’t provide suggestions. On the MyNissanLeaf.com forum there is a whole section talking about things that Nissan could improve on in the next version of the Leaf electric vehicle.

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