It’s the little things

Sometimes in life, you get lucky. Sometimes you get the last copy of that movie you wanted to see at the video store on Friday night. Sometimes you find the exact flavor of ice cream you were craving. Sometimes you run across your favorite brand of yarn in in the perfect color in the clearance bin. Sometimes you buy a car because you want to help the environment and you end up LOVING it.

It is the little things that make the difference…like the fact that I can fit my aviator sunglasses in the sunglass-holder thingy. I can also fit my black Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s wannabe shades in the holder. The Nissan LEAF is not one of those cars that you are going to have to buy tiny “cool” special driving shades for just because the sunglass holder is too small.

Then there’s the fact that there are FOUR cupholders in the front half of the car. Now, I’m sure that my love of beverages borders on the excessive, but I like variety in my beverages. I’ve been known to leave work with both a cold Diet Dr. Pepper and a bottle of water for the drive home. My passengers appreciate that there are actually open cupholders in the car for them to use.

Another newly discovered feature is that big side of the divided container in the back perfectly holds a half-sheet cake. This is very handy if you are ever hosting a party and you don’t quite have the hang of holding a cake while driving. Right now you are probably thinking that I could just put it on the floor, but I have some kind of weird aversion to putting cakes on floorboards of cars. People’s feet have been there. What about the seat? All seats are slightly tilted, what if the icing shifts? I seem pretty OCD right now, but the lovely flat spot in the back holds the cake nicely in place if you want to take a corner a little faster than you probably should with a cake on board. I mean, in theory it would. I, um, well, OK, I may have taken a corner a little fast, but the cake was fine.

I almost forgot to mention preheating the car…from my phone. I love it! Now that I can precool/preheat my car from inside the house, I find myself imagining all the times I’m going to precool it this summer…you know, in a week or so. In the meantime, the bluebonnets were lovely and I’ve logged over 13,500 miles on my Nissan LEAF!

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