Plenty of room in the Nissan Leaf for luggage and 2 kids

We drive our Nissan LEAF for every trip that is less than 100 miles. Think about your average drive. We never realized how many average drives are fewer than 100 miles until we purchased this car. Unless we are going on a long road trip, the Nissan LEAF is exactly what we need. It is now our primary family car even though we have a new large SUV with third-row seating. We never drive that unless it is impossible to use the Nissan LEAF.

Recently, we took a family vacation to end the summer. We wondered whether the battery would slowly lose its charge if left for a long period of time at the airport. With a 7-day vacation ahead of us, we decided to pack the Nissan LEAF with our luggage and drive it to the airport. The car easily held a week’s luggage, two adults, and two children, including the children’s car seats.

Once we parked it at the airport we took note of the mileage estimate remaining. The car indicated we had 62 miles to empty. Seven days later when we returned to the airport, the car showed we had 61 miles to empty. We essentially lost no charge whatsoever.

The amount of money we saved in gas offset the cost of one day’s parking. The little things start to add up and you notice ways that you are “beating the system.”

We also like the idea that our Nissan LEAF was probably noticed by a lot of people during the week it was parked at the airport. Once people see this car in person, they always become more interested.

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