Top 4 questions a Nissan Leaf driver will be asked

I’ve been answering a lot of questions: “What car is that?” and frequently “Does it use gasoline?”, and the practical questions, “How do you charge it?” and “How far can you go?”

1. It is a Nissan LEAF, an easy one to answer.

2. Yes, it is all electric, no gas. Since I’ve been learning about the Nissan LEAF for the last year and a half, this question is a good reminder that a lot of people are still just starting to hear about actual mass-produced electric cars. At this point it is always fun to point out there is no gas, no oil change, no gas station stops, no smog check, no exhaust, no transmission, and did I mention no gasoline?

3. How do you charge it? You just plug it in, and yes, this can be a standard wall outlet. You get a 110v charger included with the car. Practically, you really want a 220v dedicated Level 2 charger. The more powerful charger gives you more flexibility to charge and go.

4. How far can you go? Around town, I never even think about it. In fact, I often don’t plug it in overnight. If I’m going on a longer trip,  I plan for less than 80 miles. As you may have heard, high speed makes a big difference with fuel economy.

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