Passenger space in the Nissan Leaf

The only trouble was that we had never even had the car packed with 5 people, let alone 5 adults.

Getting everyone into the car for the first time was, admittedly, rather interesting.  Just sorting out the seating order and seat belts, and where to put everyone’s elbows was a bit of a challenge.

Isolated somewhat in the driver’s seat, I admit that I got to avoid some of the worst of the chaos in the back, but everyone soon enough got settled in and we were underway.

Over the course of the next six hours and 50 miles, the Nissan served as our hop-and-go tour bus.

Through all these travels, thanks to some fantastic weather that allowed the windows to be rolled down and some elbows to be deployed, everyone survived in good form and excellent spirits.

In truth, past the first few minutes of “it’s so quiet!” and “look at that display!”, I think everyone forgot that there was anything special about the car. Could there be any better accolade for an EV?

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