How much does the Nissan Leaf cost?

People always ask me how I like my Nissan LEAF and then they can’t get me to stop talking about it. What do I say? I LOVE IT!

Then, the next question is always, how much did my electricity bill go up? I love the reaction I get when I answer this one. It has actually gone down about $100 per month. I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it has. We switched to a whole-house time-of-use rate for electric vehicles and, since my husband and I both work full time, our bills have gone down.

This is just part of the story too. I also get free parking at work (worth $200/month — along with convenience, that is priceless), a state rebate, tax credit, and savings from not putting gas in my minivan that I used to drive 65 miles a day. It all adds up to good sense. My Nissan LEAF is not only an amazingly fun car to drive, but is also an amazingly smart thing for our pocketbooks.

We are very careful (most of the time), to use big appliances during off-peak hours, which for us is between midnight and 7:00 a.m. (thank goodness for timers). We also only charge our car during off-peak hours. So, it costs only $1.10 to $1.92 to fill’er’up and go.

OK, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that over the 10 years I’ve been talking about EVs, I could have bought my Nissan LEAF outright with those nickels. It’s not for trips to LA, and how often do you drive to LA from northern California anyway? We sold our gas car, so now I say, “We rent a car or use car sharing for our longer trips – it works for us pretty well.”

And then the next question is usually, “How far does it go?” So we all know the range is about 100 miles, but I usually tell people it can comfortably go 70 on any terrain with any driving style. And then I often get the sarcastic, “What if you want to drive to LA?”

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  1. Next week will be a month since I picked up my LEAF. With the Nissan North America VPP Lease [$0 Down/$199.00 Month], so far I have avoided paying ~$200 in gasoline.

    My LEAF actually saved me ~$6K in expenses and earned me $4K [$10K opportunity cost]. The 2004 VW Beetle Convertible traded-in for the LEAF was in need of transmission work, ABS work, and a new catalitic converter (hence the $6k), and Nissan gave me the $4K for the trade-in.

    Based on the average 6,000 miles/year the VW was driven, my electric utility claims I may see an increase in electric cost of betwen $20 to $30 per month.

    Time will tell.

    Jim S.
    New Rochelle, NY

    • Cost (or savings) of charging an EV at home rather than filling up at a gas station is definitely hard to nail down prior to actually doing it.

      Congrats on the Leaf! I’m sure you’ll love it!

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