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The EV Smile

I call it, “The EV Smile.” It’s the ear-to-ear grin that almost everybody gets the first time they drive a Nissan LEAF. The instantaneous power that is transferred from the electric motor to the wheels virtually the moment the foot presses the accelerator is an exciting surprise.

But does the EV Smile last?

Recently my friend, Paul Scott, who has been an electric-vehicle advocate for many years, picked me up in his beautiful cayenne red Nissan LEAF so we could carpool to an event in downtown Los Angeles.

While silently cruising down the Santa Monica Freeway, I asked Paul if the newness and excitement of driving his Nissan LEAF had worn off. He replied, “After 18 months I still get a smile every morning I get in it.”

I completely understood Paul’s response. I’ve also been an electric-vehicle proponent ever since I experienced my first EV Smile.

Being an avid believer in the technology, I wanted to find a way I could help others discover the benefits of electric vehicles.

Thinking that stories from actual electric-car drivers might be an effective way to get others interested, I decided to use my film making skills to make videos of Nissan LEAF owners talking about their experiences and to discover why the EV Smile lasts.

Hello EV Fans!

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